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Hours of Operation:
24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Express Towing, LLC

Affordable Flat Rate, No Mileage Fees!

Phone Icon (813) 906-8307

Hours of Operation: 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Towing When You Need It -
24 Hours a Day

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Long-Distance Towing in East Tampa & Brandon, FL

There are times when you want to transport your vehicle to the next town or even farther away. Many towing companies will not do this for you, but ours will. Count on Express Towing LLC for long-distance towing in Tampa, FL. We have the flatbed trucks and the certified drivers for safe and successful towing services.

Our towing company offers a wide range of services to our customers. We tow in town and around the county and even beyond. Our drivers are available when you need them as we provide 24-hour towing service. In addition, we offer roadside assistance to jump-start your car, unlock your vehicle, and fix a flat tire. Depend on us for swift response time and competitive prices.

Long-Distance Towing Company Makes Use of Flatbed Trucks

You may be stranded in your car far away from home. Of course, you need your car, SUV, or pickup truck towed to a garage in your hometown. Our long-distance towing company provides this service.

Let us load your car or motorcycle onto a flatbed wrecker. For long distances, it is better to use this towing option to place less stress on the vehicle. It is loaded onto our flatbed and secured for the long haul.

This is a great way to move your vehicle to a garage that is far away, but it is also works well for vintage cars. That precious vehicle is safe and secure on one of our flatbed trucks. Expect it to arrive at its destination with nary a scratch with our long-distance towing service.

Flatbed Truck in Tampa, FL

Long-Distance Towing Service Transports Your Vehicle Safely

We understand that letting someone else tow your vehicle involves a measure of trust. After all, you drive that vehicle every day to work and run errands. That vehicle is your independence. However, the level of trust must be even greater when the distance is longer. After your car is loaded onto our flatbed truck for transport to another town, you do not see it again for hours or days.

Let us reassure you that our towing company is worthy of your trust. Over our years in business, we have towed thousands of vehicles that have arrived safely at their destination. Yours will, too. Give us a call to schedule reliable and affordable long-distance towing.

Contact us today to use our long-distance towing service to transport your vehicle safely. We serve the communities of Tampa, Brandon, Sarasota, Clearwater, Lakeland, Valrico, Riverview, and Wesley Chapel, FL, and the Surrounding Areas.